Pikko Server

The defining feature of the Pikko Server software is the ability to allow an online game to handle a nearly limitless number of players in the same location in a virtual world. The number of players you can see in one battlefield or in one city square is only limited by the client’s capabilities. Our server side product makes it possible to develop high player density games on existing game engines, increasing their scale and offering vast new possibilities.


The Pikko architecture consists of Pikko Server and several cell servers working together. Players in an online multiplayer game connect to Pikko Server, which handles load balancing between the cell servers. The cell servers handle physics, game logic and more. Each cell server handles only the activity in a small part of the virtual world.

The cell servers can be seen as cells in a virtual mobile phone network. When a person with a mobile phone moves in the real world, the phone will switch to the closest base station without the mobile phone user noticing it. In the same way, a player moving around in a virtual game world will switch
completely seamlessly between the different cell servers.

By using tried and tested software technology from the telecom industry, Pikko Server enables the development of truly scalable, high-player density games.